James Morelan: A Sea Life Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

James Morelan is a passionate sea life enthusiast and the creative force behind the popular YouTube channel, Challenge the Wild. With a focus on the care and conservation of marine life, James shares his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm with his audience of over 70,000 subscribers. Through his channel, he showcases the beauty and intricacies of various marine creatures, including fish, crabs, and other unique sea species, all housed within his personal aquarium.

A Community of Enthusiasts

James’s dedication to marine biology has fostered a strong community of like-minded enthusiasts who share his passion for sea life. His subscribers actively engage with his content, leaving comments, asking questions, and sharing their own experiences. The Challenge the Wild community has become a hub for sea life enthusiasts to connect, learn, and support one another.

Entrepreneurship and Aquatic Ventures

Aside from his influential online presence, James has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship, founding several brands that reflect his dedication to aquatic life and beyond. These scalable brands include:


CTWPets offers a wide range of premium pet supplies, catering to the needs of pet owners. With a focus on quality and innovation, CTWPets ensures that pets receive the best care possible.


AquaBoost specializes in aquarium enhancements, providing products and solutions to enhance the health and well-being of aquatic life. From water quality management to advanced filtration systems, AquaBoost helps aquarium owners create optimal environments for their marine pets.


TheCleanupCrews is dedicated to tank maintenance, offering professional cleaning and maintenance services for aquarium owners. With their expertise, they ensure that aquariums remain clean, balanced, and thriving, providing a healthy habitat for marine life.


ElantraMods is James’s venture into the world of automotive customization. Drawing inspiration from his love for marine life, ElantraMods offers unique and creative modifications for Hyundai Elantra vehicles, allowing car enthusiasts to express their individuality.


WildPetSupply caters to a wide range of pet needs, offering a diverse selection of products for various animals. From food and toys to accessories and habitats, WildPetSupply ensures that pet owners have everything they need to care for their beloved companions.

James Morelan’s entrepreneurial ventures extend beyond his passion for sea life, demonstrating his versatility and creativity. Through these brands, he continues to make a positive impact in different industries while staying true to his love for aquatic life.

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